Sunday, March 1


After sitting in on the food writing panel last week and getting annoyed with the aspect of foodie-ism and their limited views of ethical eating(no one brought up labor rights and the fact that farm workers have don't have the luxury of choice), I've been more obsessed with cooking. Without a car, and the scare that I need to save every drop of money I possibly can, it feels impossible to eat with such care and caution, the same reason I've decided to not be vegan. Maybe I will know how to become a more conscious eater after reading Omnivore's Dilemma, but until then I'm still trying my best. I already eat 7 of the super foods regularly, and have noticed that my allergies aren't as bad.

Mark Bittman is funny. I watch him on the jetblue channel every time I fly, and I felt I was missing out when I saw one episode of on the road again, and he wasn't in it.

Beets, Mexican style

I really wonder why I've never eaten a beet before in my life until this year. I asked other Mexicans if they grew up eating them, and everyone said no. But, I do love their earthy taste, and I am interested in foods that can be used for their pigment and juices as well as their function as food.

This sounds easy:
 I took the juice of three sour oranges, about a quarter cup of distilled white vinegar, sea salt, ground pepper and a generous tablespoon of oregano. I left two chopped habanero chiles and half a red onion to macerate for 10 minutes of so, and then added the beets to marinate in the mixture overnight.

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