Monday, April 6


We packed so much into this weekend city getaway. I always feel strange to become the observer of other people, life feels so different, especially in a place that has snow in April. 
The National Musem of Mexican Art sits in the middle of the Pilsen neighborhood in a park with a baseball field and a playground. It was the first time I saw a Yolanda Lopez painting.

we crossed this bridge to get everywhere we needed to go. We also experienced earthquakes created by big trucks, it didn't feel too stable.

Truly, the best breakfast in America

Every tree was grey, crooked, and bare. I had never seen nature in its ugliest state. Last night I was in the snow, and today San Francisco was humid and bright. I could never ever leave this state, not only because I'm wimpy and delicate to the cold, but because I need to see blue sky and green. I have a new appreciation and understanding for public interest lawyers, and I'm so proud to be friends with young people who dedicate their creativity and hearts to helping people. 

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