Wednesday, May 20

This really expensive coat rack by UTE reminds me of the magic garden trees, very paper like.
Remodeling, rearranging, whatever you want to call it, is very stressful. It's like a game of tetris, where logic, spacial understanding, patience, strength, and design are all crucial to making a tiny apartment feel like a castle ( or at least a space where you can feel relaxed, cozy, and semi adult-ish)
These websites have been helpful in practical and creative ideas:


Mona said...

i do love tetris, but not real life tetris. at the end of the day (wink wink) i'm sure it will all be worth it. and the rounded hooks on that coat rack look exactly like the branches of a magic tree!

Silvia said...

Aren't you sad that Domino is no more? I am :[