Monday, June 8

God Help The Girl

God, I really feel my life would be different, not as full of joy and a wonder to soak up the living and breathing world, without the soundtrack of Belle and Sebastian. To me it's walking on the cliffs in fog in that green jacket, amtrak rides along the coast, sipping coffee in the morning at a cafe with a favorite book, riding a beach cruiser to school, in bed under the covers writing poetry, falling in love. I'll admit that I knew it was true love when Jorge said his favorite B&S album was also If You're Feeling Sinister. One of my best memories is sitting with Mona at the Hollywood Bowl in the summer watching them. It's not just the soft breeze of their music that is classically genius, but the stories they tell, so it makes sense that for years Stuart has been crafting another tale to be set to a different band, God Help The Girl. Read the story, it's pure cuteness.

 Danit asked me to be her Judy in the Judy and the Dream of Horses series, and it was a special thing to be a part of...prancing in the woods, smoking by a trash can, and laying in bed with a guitar. But, it's no longer just about the good old days, it sounds like it's a new era of belle and sebastian, finally.


Mona said...

thanks for the heads up, honey! belle at the bowl was a magical, wondrous night spent with my sissy.

Visions Of Danit said...

I couldn't have put it better myself.