Monday, June 1

summer is

fog for three weeks and staying in with socks and sweaters. Every June I forget just how drastic the summer gloom is in the city, 60 degrees here, 95 degrees in all surrounding cities. It's slightly depressing, but I try remind myself it can be charming, especially when there is a little mountain, Buena Vista Park, a couple blocks away with a view of the gray but beautiful city.
I hope I can put away my mittens soon and bring out the short jumpers and gold plastic sandals. I'll even settle for enough sun and dry roads to go on a bike ride after work. I daydream about big sticks, pool side lounging, leaving the windows open at night. I know we can't have it all, but c'mon, I'm just asking for a little.

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Silvia said...

I was going to ask what that fuzziness in your hand is, but now I can see - it's the famous green jacket. :]