Thursday, July 23

It's difficult to describe what makes a vacation a good vacation. Getting away from any and all routines including wake up time and coffee habits. I woke up earlier and drank less coffee on this trip, and felt incredible. It was the large dosage of sun and late nights under the stars, the ease of jumping into water. It highlights just how accustomed I've come to city living because I hardly notice that I'm never outside on weekdays and hardly get to see the sun setting. Kind of sad, but also a good reason to pick up and make some changes. Remember when we read Murakami out loud by the fire and in the tent, under stars and in the meadow? And skipped rocks in the river, listened to the rush of water over fallen trees, sped by vineyards on bikes, and walked along the icy wind of the ocean? Don't let hours and hours behind a desk and computer let you forget that.

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