Saturday, December 12

I'm not embarrassed about my fascination and interest in the Twilight movies. It just means that I'm easily drawn to a heartbreaking love story and deep and somewhat tormented leading men that love so intensely, ones with amazing cheekbones. I couldn't just watch the movie over and over again so I decided to re-read Norwegian Wood and I finished it today in the rain. I wonder how many times around the world someone has finished the book and cried. Somewhat for the characters, but also for themselves. I'm really looking forward to the movie and even though it's inevitable that it's not going to be as good as the book, it will hopefully have beautiful scenes of moonlit rooms, a confused girl climbing trees, a crowded musty bookstore, guitar solos, and careful shots of handwritten letters.

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Marta Represa said...

That's a really lovely photo.