Wednesday, July 28

the best of the coast

I had finished at work, we were almost starting to pack, and the three day weekend was just ahead of us, so we took the opportunity and took off to the most beautiful part of the California Coast. It was fourth of July weekend so we couldn't find a camping spot, but that worked out nicely in our favor and we were able to visit an old friend in his acre plot in Santa Cruz. What you don't see here is our night dip in the hot tub that sits under a veranda of grape vines, pure and crazy heights of relaxation.

Being in LA now, this seems worlds away, and I'm glad it is. Your favorite places and people can't look all the same or have the same weather patterns.


and flowers pick themselves said...

lovely photos. i could use some ocean time right now :)

xo Alison

Natalie of Fashion Intel said...

Gorgeous ... is that first photo near Big Sur? Looks familiar.

mari said...

Yup, the first two photos are from Big Sur and the rest are in Santa Cruz.