Friday, February 4

Friday kitchen time

I'm way too tired after the week to sit still at a restaurant or wait around for drinks, I really just want to be at home in my pjs drinking a beer and cooking. I've gone back and forth about my feelings about this. I'm still so young and I should be out drinking, dancing, living it up, blahblahblah. And then sometimes I feel more than ok to be enjoying my time in a more quiet, relaxing and cheaper way. And going out in LA can really be a hassle. Before I could have this kind of Friday, then get ready around 10, hop on a bus and go hang out. But here, once we're back home, we stay home.

And, I work less than a block away from the Echo Park farmer's market, so I've been making a habit of taking a break on Friday evenings to make the rounds and pick up a few things for dinner. Last Friday I made an oven plate full of crispy brussel sprouts and teeny tiny potatoes and baked tofu. The key is not to make it too complicated so there's still plenty of time to relax and watch a bad movie you pick on Netflix in a rush.


J: wait, wait before you serve let me make a baked potato.
M: what?
he gets out the sour cream and cheese and stuffs it, takes a picture, and eats it in one bite. cracking himself up the entire time.
M: Impressive, you just invented a new party appetizer.

And this is the makings of a good weekend. Not to mention that now I have lots of tofu to use in sandwiches for lunch during the week, helping me to steer towards buying less processed things like Tofurky and fake salami. Oh, but the joy of a fake meat sandwich is special and something I can't give up. It's hard to be so far away from Oakland's Layonna "drumsticks", the BEST fake chicken EVER.

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