Monday, February 21

when the sun stayed

turning brown
A lone and rare camelia bloom from the backyard, why does it hardly ever show flowers?
A whisker jar for the cats and a tiny vase, finds in Pasadena.
listening while he watered
Sometimes you just need to spend a little QT with your garden.


Whimsy Being said...

Pretty garden! I love your edible section. So amazing.

mari said...

The real credit goes to Jorge here, I must admit. I'll tell him you like his handywork.
We just drove up to SB for the weekend and I really wanted to call you as we drove back home, but we were so wiped by the time we left we would have been in awful shape to say hi. But I was remembering last year at this time you visted SF and we went out to Gracias Madre for his bday, that rainy day.

This just means we have to make a trip of visiting Camarillo.

Silvia said...

Makes me wish I had a garden.