Friday, April 1

orange blossoms

I had the pleasure of hosting a WI via SF girl who just happens to be, what I like to think might be, my soul mate. I had every intention of wooing her into understanding why I love LA and how it can suit just about anyone's needs. I think it was a success.

On the day she landed, little white blossoms covered all the orange trees in the neighborhood, and if Downey can take one claim to fame, I would say it's the orange trees that dot every front or backyard. The air was magically and almost comically fragrant.
So, we made some juice.

My dad's tortilla and eggs accompanied with family breakfast table time

Delicious snack at Trails and lucky parking at the observatory

She demanded ice cream so we stopped at Scoops. Better than Humphrey Slocombe? Yes. Not as hits-close-to-home as Bi-Rite though. Have to agree.

Perfect sunset cocktail hour at Church and State. We were there with the early crowd, but it was worth the spot at the bar and the ability to leave our car in a lot and hop over to Wurstkurche. Is that how Downtown works now?

Maybe it was because I was extremely happy to be with my nearest and dearest and because I was feeling the drink, but I couldn't get over the bathroom at Church and State.

This will go down in the bestdaysofmylife file as the first time Em visited me in my element, now I can't wait to dunk in the lakes of Wisconsin and sit on porches listening to Bluegrass in the summer one day to return the favor.

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