Sunday, May 8

The magic of Ojai

We took a one day sister trip to Ojai.

First stop, Meditation Mount. I thought it would be more of a hike, but that didn't matter, the views of the Ojai valley do the job of instant appreciation of life.

I have this problem of wanting to do everything, so the good thing about Ojai is that visiting just for the day means that we can do a few things but I don't feel like I have to pack too much in and that I'm not missing out on anything.

Driving through the groves of tangerine and orange trees is heaven and we found a fruit stand on the side of the road too. Then went to The Day Spa of Ojai, our spa of choice for a reflexology massage, then off to coffee to meet up with Dyan, a friend who was once a ten minute walk away who I don't get to see that often anymore. We're both on garden endeavors ( maybe something that happens to former SF dwellers-you go from no space to a front and back yard, the possibilites!) so we stopped at a small but abundant nursery.

And then dinner at my favorite place to eat, Papa Lennon's. And then something incredible happened. It was a clear day, very sunny and warm and then it started raining, then it didn't stop pouring, and then the sky was pink and peach and lavender, and then a full huge but brief rainbow, but then it came back and it was a double rainbow. We were stunned by the sudden beauty of the sky.

The magic of Ojai.


Whimsy Being said...

pure magic! i loved this day.

Natalie of Fashion Intel said...

Ojai is magic. Not sure if you recognized it, but the cactus I published on my blog is the same one you have here at Meditation Mount - I guess it spoke to the both of us. I was expecting more of a hike too, but you're right, the view made up for it.

I also ate at Pappa Lennons, nothing beats dining al fresco. I'll be publishing those photos soon. It is really fun to seeing the same places with different adventures on other blogs.

mari said...

Meditation Mount flora is my garden inspiration, and that view is where I go to in my head when I need a happy place.

LOVE Papa Lennons so much, too much, I always get the salad, pizza, fries, and dessert! Yea, that's really true about going to the same place but seeing what other people do.

Another Ojai must is hitting up Ojai Day Spa for reflexology. You can sit outside in the garden, and it's run by native american women. Nothing too fancy, more comfy relaxation.