Wednesday, August 3

to figure things out, you take a walk

Truffles at Sage are delicious. It's difficult working a couple doors down from this place and not going every week/day. I took two of my very hard working interns here for a treat and we cut each one up into pieces because we wanted to try each one. We were licking our forks, hands and the plastic.

Gabby picked me up for a girls night and our first stop was Broome to check out all things cute.

Yes, food too. Cucumbers, goat cheese, and balsamic

And then out for a walk in the neighborhood. I miss the ups and downs and cracks of sidewalks. Silver lake's bouganvillea bulging out of fences and over stoops, succulents lining the way.

From the front porch.

Carmageddon wasn't real.


Natalie of Fashion Intel said...

I love Broome Street so much! Such nice people and what a great selection.

I'm really happy you found my blog because now it has allowed me to read yours which I absolutely love. In fact, I just added you to my "currently digging" blog roll. I hope we bump in to each other around town because it appears we'll have lots to talk about. BTW, I know that Gabby in the photo - what a sweet girl.

P.S. Are you on twitter?

mari said...

YES! I was at work today seeing all your comments and it made me so happy that you were connecting to so many of my posts. Thanks for the add to your blog roll, that's so sweet! You know Gabby and Dyan too? I've known Dyan since our college days and Gabby and I met while living in SF years ago. Small world blog findings! I work in Echo Park and it looks like you are all over LA so I'm sure we'll bump into each other sooner or later if not a planned meet up with all of us.

I'm not on twitter, but I do "like" you on FB.

Natalie of Fashion Intel said...

Hey Mari! I met Gaby at a cool event in Echo Park one time and seen her around town but mostly communicate via Facebook. As for Dyan, she's a regular commenter on my blog so that's how I know of her, she seems really rad.

I am going to find you on Facebook and add you, is that OK? If not, I'd understand.