Wednesday, October 5

in the middle of it all

celosia coral fire bunch
best looking curtains
mountains of it
Celosia, curtains, color.

It was 90 degrees on Saturday and I got a sunburn from working in the garden, and now there's rain, I'm sleeping in socks and all the blankets, and on a walk today with my mom we had fun stepping in all the mushy yellow leaves. It's fall, which also means it's my busiest season at work, spending days at high schools helping students write their personal statements. It's my favorite thing to do, sit next to a student and help them understand their story is important. But it's at this time when I'm most hyper aware of feeling the wind on my skin, or savoring a later sleep in time and making sure to take breaks. These photos are from a trip to Ojai I took two weeks away to do just that, feel it all.


Natalie of Fashion Intel said...

Beautiful photos, they make me want to get away to Ojai again. I love what you're doing with teens, would love to hear the stories.

Whimsy Being said...

this is all so pretty, marisa xoxo

Megan Taylor said...

Ojai is a magical place! I love the changing of the seasons, xoxo