Friday, November 4

Beatrice Wood

I like falling in love with old ladies. I have an instant fascination with a woman's life, how she got here, her struggles, her memories, her jewelry. When I was little I assumed all kids had someone like this in their lives, not just a kind grandma, but a woman to admire and love with all your heart. I was lucky.

To Ojai again. I was already in pure heaven when we arrived at a cabin along the river, right up in the mountains, away from town, close to nothing. The noise of the rushing water, the smell of the shady air, the little stove furnace, the screened porch, everything was magical. Next to the couch was a stack of books and magazines, all about this one artist, Beatrice Wood. Once I picked up her autobiography, I couldn't stop reading it, and it actually turned into an important part of the weekend. I read and read and thought about all of her adventures right in this very place. Her spirit was free and wanted a lot, but she wasn't perfect and didn't have money. Her art became her life and she fought for it.

good stance, Beato

weekend reading material

Her home is now a studio and center for the arts. I had to go and absorb. I kept thinking, this is where she sat by the fire, this is where her bed was, this is where she looked for peace, this is where she made her life happen. The drive there feels like you are being transported to a very special and faraway place.

what is this??

her library of art books

topa topas

her view

her things, all of her things, still here

Without one of these incredible ladies in my life anymore, Beato steps in. She's someone I can imagine and be inspired by. What I wouldn't give for a moment with her overlooking the valley into the mountains, painting a vessel, laughing and eating chocolate.

She's so much like my Nana and that's why I was so drawn to her. If my Nana didn't have to quit school in 4th grade and deal with everything she had to in her life, she would have been like Beato, an artist paving her own way, doing what she wanted with sass and boldness. She deserved that.

this picture makes me cry

She lived to be 105 years old.


Megan Taylor said...

OOOH, were you at the beautiful Love Shack? It's probably one of my favorite places in the world! xoxo

Silvia said...

I like this. You guys sure go to Ojai a lot!

Whimsy Being said...

back to ojai! beatrice sounds so inspirational. you're right, it's so important to continue to find women to look up to in life.

Natalie (Fashion Intel) said...

Your posts always inspire me. Always!

mari said...

Megan- yes it is and it truly is a special and amazing place!

Silvia- Like my posts about SF, I take few trips, but take a ton of photos and squeeze all I can into my weekends, so it just looks like I go there a lot, hah!

Dyan-She is! You should go there next time, you will loooove.

Natalie- Aw, I'm glad to hear. Women inspiring women, inspiring other women and so on....

Heather Taylor said...

This takes me right back to one of my favorite places on earth. Love the Love Shack!

mari said...

I can't even put into words how special and full of wonder that place is. Can we talk about the secret hot springs just up the road? Heaven!!