Thursday, December 8

The littlest patient

This cat is Mona's baby boy and when we found out he had to have surgery, we were all a mess. He gets into fights all the time, but this time his wounds got infected and the only option was surgery and a tube. A tube! It looked like it was going through this skull and we cried at the vet. Since then it's been a comedy of him crying at all hours, at all tones and pitches, forcing him to eat, drink, and take his medicine, babysitting him with his cone off to make sure he doesn't scratch. The things we do for that cat, we love him so. We should all be back to normal once he gets his stitches out and can go outside again.

half face
Half of his face is shaved off, this picture is particularly funny.

All day, everyday, meowing for hours. You would be restless if you didn't get to run in the wild for weeks, too.


mona said...

aww my baby guy. team gravy nursed him back to health!

Natalie (Fashion Intel) said...

Sending positive vibe to this little kitty trooper. The draining tube is totally gnarls, right? My dog had one recently.