Sunday, February 12

Bibliofilles does craft

This month's Bibliofilles choice was The Marriage Plot, and that is one weight of a book and none of us were going to finish in time. Or maybe we didn't want to rush the plot line. At least, I wanted to stay with the characters just a little longer, to pretend I was fresh out of college again, faced with a love triangle. I could live in a romcom, or a romdram!

At an energy reading, someone told my I'm holding back on emotion, I have a pocket of sadness that I don't want to deal with. I have to really reflect on what she's getting at, because at first glance I am a constant outpour of a full range of emotions, all the time. Especially with this book though I started listening to more sad music, crying randomly on jogs: It let me feel things that aren't necessarily related to anything in my life right now, but I felt connected to all of it: what do do with love, what to do with an oncoming possible mental illness. It reminded me of extreme vulnerability.
And that's my book review.

To not miss out on quality time, though, we held a craft night instead. These nights fill me up.
bibliofilles does crafts

and collage

and valentine love

Now, who wants to have a cooking night? ( I've had some of the best, deep, personal, and revelatory conversations with girlfriends while cooking, it's a good way to do and talk and enjoy and be satisfied)


Silvia said...

If only we could live in a romcom! I would be the nerdy girl who gets a makeover and is stuck in a love triangle with Ryan Gosling and Blaine from Pretty in Pink.

mari said...

Woah, what a love triangle. Count me in! Who would I play in that one?? I'd have to end up with one of them-crossing my fingers for Ryan Gosling.

Natalie (Fashion Intel) said...

I'd like to join in this cooking night! :)