Tuesday, August 7

Weekend Babes

Gabby is a babe in many senses of the word. She is a hard working social worker by day, and a major LA babe by evening and weekend. Here is her new blog featuring her adventures in style and travel. She is also an LA native who moved to SF but found her way back to the sun. We did our share of looking out the window to rolling fog or trying hard to enjoy picnics at Dolores Park only to be frozen over by the wind, so it's our time to take back the summer.

Early this summer we had a day around town hoping to visit the Brand Library & Art Center in Glendale, but we got there to empty rooms and closed doors. So, instead, we took photos of our celebratory summer outfits against the beautiful architecture. 




Dyan said...

babes! you guys are 'shutting it down.'

Gabby said...

Aw! I just found this. Thank you! I can't wait to have another adventure with you so I can make you an official weekend babe.

mari said...

haha, thanks Dyan" I Die!" M.

Gabby, yes please to a weekend adventure! I couldn't help but give babes a shoutout : )