Thursday, February 19

how not to lose memories


Mona once explained a theory similar to this to me. I remember something about filing cabinets and a little man that stored things away. This was right after she got back from college, and I thought she was so smart with her philosophy degree to come up with a brilliant metaphor. I was only worried about dumb AP classes and didn't yet know about thinking on a different level; you can use your imagination to make up ways to explain the world.

 It's a little more familiar to picture a library in our minds, and all the reference cards we're constantly making with photos, journals, jotted down quotes, recipes, jewelry. I use my reference cards all the time because my memory is so bad, and I hope it's not something I've come to rely on. But, it's a special thing to look back and remember, knowing that we lost that feeling with time, but can always revisit it. 

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