Monday, February 16

A very necessary trip back home, especially after it was unofficially decided that we would live in San Francisco until September 2010.   My plane was delayed, and as it turns out airports are a good place for reflecting. Not only did I shed new light on a situation that I have to be vague about here in this public place, but I entered that in-between state of not having a place to be. At the airport and on the airplane I don't have to think about anything but the book I'm reading and my thoughts. At that point I don't live anywhere, and i'm not tied to anything or anyone. And then we land and as I'm walking out, deciding between bart and a cab, I'm happy to have two places to be where I feel loved. I leave the in-between and venture out into the city and go back to adult mode. 
Another exciting part about taking short trips back home is noticing all the smells. Coming back to the apartment always smells like old wood floors ( and that's a good thing). Before zipping up my suitcase I sprayed Marc Jacobs over everything and as I unpack it's now all over my room. My mom's scent is a strong one, and maybe it's because I wore her shirt every night or because I gave her a big hug before I left, but right under my  nose I smell a mixture of all these things, it's a mixture of everything; another good sign.
*I didn't take my camera with me, so these are very old pictures of  home.

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