Wednesday, February 4

you can exchange girls with women if you'd like

Girls need to hang out with other girls. I hate to be tricked into thinking it's a luxury in life, because after good solid hours of girl fun I feel completely content. Up until this point, I never thought about fitting in "girl time" because my family is mostly women, I lived with four girls for four years and all my best friends are girls. Living with the boy of your dreams is pretty great, but I do miss a house full of laughter, cooking, coffee drinking, painting, dress up,  and pretend cooking for a foodnetwork series.
And so after weeks of not seeing each other ( busy with work, busy applying for law school) Ilissa, Dyan and I squeezed in a night of girl fun and went to see the charming and talented Irana Douer's solo show at Rare Device, ate fancy crepes at Ti Couz and went back to the girl pad to work on art of our own. I bought Lena Corwin's Printing By Hand that night and I think it will help me to get back to one of my true loves.

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