Friday, February 6

Young Authors' Book Project # 7

If it's true that managing an entire book project is like having a baby then this is my second child, and if I'm right that parents have a favorite, then this is my star. I loved the students that wrote the book and the stories they told will make you cry, and then cry some more later after you realize how much they have already been through and how wise they are, full of hope and concern for the world. I'm making notes for the program of the book celebration, and I'm practicing emotion restraint because as of right now I can picture myself walking on stage and seeing all of them with their families and needing to promptly leave because of a possible burst of tears. Any tips?


heavy puff said...

omg you are soo lucky to have such a wonderful job, how pure, im jealous! maybe to prevent crying have a major cry before hand, i find this works when dropping family memebers off at the airport and things like that. pre-cry. heehee.

Silviaville said...

I say let the tears come.

mona said...

i'm so proud of you. and you're proud of the kids so don't hide your emotions. you're passionate and that's what makes you special. you're gonna be great, i know it.