Wednesday, September 23

“Like the odor of brine from the oceans comes the thought of other years.”

I wonder what it would be like if I lost the ability to smell. Sometimes in the mornings when all seems dreary and sort of sad to be so stuck to a routine, a whiff of fresh soft lotion brings me back to life and assures me that it's ok and that I can get on with the day. Or when I'm almost out the door and I sneak in a goodbye kiss to his forehead while he's still asleep; warm and cozy.

If you had access to the science of smell, what would be in your collection?

This is really beyond mixing essential oils together in almond oil, and even more exciting than J.Lo mixing her favorite scents, I Hate Perfume has created the nostalgia and necessity of smells. We'll get to see what it would be like to open up Where The Wild Things Are and jump into the boat with Max, and this might be what it would smell like.

A week from now I'll have seen the movie at the benefit screening and I can tell it will be a very big moment, for all of us.

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Silvia said...

I wish I could go with you!