Sunday, September 27

I slept in for the first time in over a month. And what do I want to do after a lazy rest? Clean the kitchen and bathroom thoroughly; even the walls are clean. After that I was wiped so I caught up on cheesy TV.
It was an unusually warm heavy sunny day, so even though I was happy just to be home and have absolutely nothing on a to-do list, I felt I owed it to myself to get up and go out. I wanted to go somewhere I usually don't and also somewhere that I was sure I wouldn't run into anyone; it was that kind of day. I ended up in Japantown to get a fix of coffee and certain nostalgia and ended up in a department store of J-pop. Flipping through Yayoi Kusama's books, picking up every little odd and funny toy, and then I hit the book arts corner of tape, envelopes, stamps and paper. In the same way that I don't have time or inspiration to write anymore, I lost the urge to make things. I still keep my boxes of art supplies and collect things in hopes that it will force me to sit down and make. I even tried to combine both of those lost pieces and give myself the goal to print a book of poems, each one binded and unique. The first step is editing down all the poems, but the really exciting part is designing the books.
I couldn't pass on beautiful honey golden linen cloth tape and a collection of a reprinted paper series from early modern japan. The label on the paper says, "these are unsophisticated but charming and create the atmosphere of free as the wind." I'll keep them on display as motivation to really get this done.

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