Saturday, October 3

Saturn's at it again

I'm completely blown away right now from a visit to Susan Miller's astrology zone. What the F, seriously. So it wasn't just me that had a terrible month of grief, sadness, and a general overwhelming feeling of awful, it was all virgos? That part of astrology is what doesn't settle with me.
But what I can understand completely is that Saturn was to blame for all of it. My favorite part of Salvador Plascencia's The People of Paper was watching the characters attempts to escape Saturn. Some people said they couldn't really get into the book because they had a hard time believing in this Saturn character that was sneaking into people's lives and ruining it all. I knew what he meant right away, and perhaps this is why.

I wasn't very good at escaping it myself, although I got very close to having the same blank thoughts needed to be at some sort of peace. The good news is that Saturn is supposed to be gone on October 29, one more month of this and then I'm done. I kept telling myself that I've gone through worse, and this didn't really compare, so why couldn't I have the strength to get through it?

"Last month all Virgos, and especially the late born Virgos, found themselves in a perfect storm of difficult aspects, the likes of which I have never seen in the heavens. It is rare to see a confluence of planetary energy like we had last month. Be of good cheer, because nothing in the future will come close to what you encountered in September.Last month was not easy, but you've come through it, and October is looking very bright. Saturn in Virgo was to blame for many of the challenges that confronted you last month. Saturn first entered Virgo in September 2007 and has remained there ever since. While you didn't feel Saturn's testing aspects the whole two years, when you did feel them, life may have turned inside out for you. Think back to late 2007, all of 2008, and all the months of 2009 leading to this one. At some point, you faced a difficult situation, but you stepped up to the plate, met your dragons, and moved forward. You did well, dear Virgo, and the universe noticed your strength and grace under pressure."

Saturn was messing with me big-time. And if I learned anything from that book, his presence is inevitable. But this explains so much, everything. It feels like that time I had my cards read and the woman predicted everything I didn't want to know, she was right about all the details.

"This month you have reason for celebration. Saturn will finally leave Virgo on October 29, immediately creating a feeling of release and calm. Planetary storms were especially violent last month for Virgo and Pisces, for Uranus and Saturn had an angry dispute with each other and drew Mercury, the moon, and Sun into their vortex, creating a high wire act of rare proportions in September. "

Goodbye Saturn, I'm done with you.

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heavy puff said...

girllllllllll. im a virgo too and my september was pretty damn fucked. im sorry i havent written you back but I suppose now I know I can blame saturn. im so sorry about it all! I hope jorge is doing better. well I was just in michigan 3 weeks to help my mom pack up the ENTIRE house and move it to the new one(move coincided with her boyfriend having freaking open heart surgery) ugh ugh ugh.