Sunday, October 25

I'm contemplating healthy, whole living. All of a sudden it became normal for me to work at a superhuman speed, always needing to do something, everything, and I never asked for help.
With limited time and an abundance of stress and work, how can I find balance; and on top of that, how can I do all of this with vertigo? My head feels like it's floating in some sea of nausea, as if I'm about to faint at any moment. I'll keep taking small walks for now, resting when I can, cooking, and finding resources. It's hard to achieve, but I'm reminding myself that doing something small each and everyday will help.


heavy puff said...

im so sorry, I know vertigo can be horrible, my friend had it for a while. I hope you feel better real quick<3<3

Whimsy Being said...

You are so strong! I know you will get better soon =)