Sunday, February 7

pizza and a hair cut, two bits

We stumbled upon free haircuts at a place in Oakland so we headed across the bridge on a dreary Saturday only to fall in love with Oakland and Berkeley. After our haircuts and two scoops at Fenton's we were on a mission to The Cheese Board, but what happens everytime I happen to be in a car in the East Bay, I'm craving their pizza just as they close for their midday break. We were determined and it was a brilliant moment because we had just been drooling over Sunset's latest issue of the top pizza places in the Bay Area. We were right there, right in front of one of spots on the list, it was like magic, but it too was closed! Pizza bust. Haircut and adventure score.


Whimsy Being said...

i like your pics...yay for free haircut

if you'd like to play, i left you an award hehe

mona said...

Who was the barber, Tom Mix. Awww, Popi. Sounds like you had a great day. Show us some pics of this free haircut.