Wednesday, February 3

waste less

I never believed people who lost their appetite during stressful times. It finally happened to me with the panic and anxiety. I felt like I couldn't possibly consume anything, and I didn't want to bother to chew or take the chance that swallowing could be dangerous. My stomach never growled, and I never physically felt hungry. It was like I could have stopped eating or drinking water altogether and it would have been OK. Scary, right?

Since I thought I was getting better we bought our usual Sunday groceries and then I was hit again. Coming out better again two weeks later means that I had heaps of rotten vegetables, fruit and dairy that I had to throw in the compost bin. Now that things are changing and I need to be even more budget minded, I was really upset to throw away so much food and money.
Growing up with two great cooks in the house I learned a lot about throwing together a good meal with whatever you have on hand, but with the recent addiction to food blogs, meals from recipes seem more glamorous. This Mark Bitman article reminded me that even the big shots need to rely sometimes on instincts and leftovers.

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