Wednesday, March 10

a trip to the dollar store

Even though I'm trying to keep spending low I feel like a trip to the dollar store in Japantown is acceptable. I couldn't pass up the donut porcelain dish or the boo boo party notepad which has been designated for grocery lists. I don't know how to sew, but it's handy to keep some thread and needle on hand. It means I'll finally be able to sew on the fabric to the Marc Jacobs backpack with the very ugly anarchy fist logo on it. That image is from Sukie's book of iron ons. The new all natural pop-up store at New People is decorated with maidenhair fern after maidenhair fern lining the the hallway and atop every cabinet and tabletop display. I had to ask the woman working there how in the world they keep all of them so flourishing and green. She told me their secret is burning white sage incense in the soil. I couldn't tell if I was being suckered, but I'll always fall for all natural medicine, even for plants. And, glad to report, it's been working, my fern is as lush as she's ever been.

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Silvia said...

Who can say no to dollar stores in Japantown? I love that doughnut thing - what is it? I got some Sukie mix and match gift bags when Danit and I went there.