Wednesday, March 10


At the beginning of the year when I was home bound because of sudden health issues, I spent an uncomfortable amount of time in my pajamas. I'm also on a tighter budget from now until who knows quite when, so shopping is on hold for now. I needed inspiration with what I already have and to remind myself that I know how to put on more than just different colored leggings and sweaters. So it was time for a closet fashion show. I went through clothes I had put away in drawers, items that I haven't touched because I didn't think it was "teacher" enough for work and mixed and matched and found new joys in old clothes. It's still way too cold to wear more than a few key warm sweaters and coats. It even hailed here on Monday, mounds of tiny ice balls that looked like snow, or as close to what I think snow might look like. This is also a good reminder to donate clothes only when you're absolutely positively sure that you'd never want to wear that special something again.


Silvia said...

I love your black and white pajama dress and leggings!

Whimsy Being said...

That is such a great idea to find new way to wear clothes you already have!

I wore the black puffer vest you gave me the other day. Thought of you and my grandma liked it too!