Monday, April 19

nutmeg baggu

really close to a perfect bag, except that the button closure broke in the first hour: baggu
Sunny writing saturdays


pia said...

dear mari,
thanks for your purchase + i'm so glad that you like our new Duck Bag! but you must have received a defective bag- the snap shouldn't break! we offer a one year warranty. please send us an email and we'll send you a replacement right away.
xo pia + the baggu team

mariesa said...

I just found this photo on the Baggu site which led me to your blog (which I am also excited about!). I saw that your name is Marisa.... and I believe by your clever picture naming tags (mar.eesa) that that means thats how you pronounce your name. I just thought that was hilarious because my name is Mariesa (pronounced the same as you) and I just bought this bag about three weeks ago in the same color and I love it!!! Rare to find someone with a similar name to mine and the same taste!!! I hope you don't think I am crazy... I just get excited about random coincidences :)

mari said...

Hi Mariesa,
Thanks for saying hi. It is a interesting coincidence, because it's rare to find someone who pronounces their name the way we do : ) Do you have a blog too?


Natalie of Fashion Intel said...

I have this bag as well but in black. I love Baggu.