Wednesday, April 21

SF to LA

Four years feels like a solid amount of time to stay in one place. I was completely done with Santa Barbara after I graduated, and now it's time to leave San Francisco. This city feels more and more like my home everyday, but I know if I stay any longer I'll really never want to leave. But it doesn't feel right to be so far away from my family, and it's time I settle in the city that raised me. Los Angeles, here I come.


Whimsy Being said...

...bitter sweet..sigh. enjoy your last weeks in sf! i'm going to miss your steiner st apt, but new changes and growth are so exciting too.

Anonymous said...

Hey lady! woo woo. love, pinata sisters

mari said...

Dyan, I still have two whole months, very grateful for it, but also ready to start the transition. We had a lead on a Silver Lake apt, but I think it's too expensive. I'll keep you posted for sures.