Saturday, May 22

If you know who Barry McGee is, and know what he looks like, and you live in San Francisco, chances are you've seen him riding his bike with his daughter many many times. Yesterday I saw them riding up 18th, and it was a quiet morning on a quiet street, and I looked at him, even turned my head to keep looking as he passed. It's always so sweet to see them riding by. Our eyes met, and I couldn't let go. It became another instance where I felt very sure that I was making the right decision to be closer to my family. My dad would still ride me around on his bike if he could too.


misty morning eyes said...

that's sweet. barry seems like a great dad. but, you're showing art from his daughters mother, margaret killgalen. it's odd because she's not a part of your story, and yet, that's the art. i'm just sayin....a mention would be quite nice.

take care.

mari said...

It was a subtle tribute to her. I didn't want to say that I fee bad that their daughter doesn't have her mother. This wasn't about that, but I thought it would be nice to have a piece of her as part of the story, quietly.