Thursday, August 26

you're only $8.26 away from making a kid's day

I've never mentioned work here before, but this is an important day. I get teary just thinking about the things we do at our centers around the country. When you sit next to a kid in their classroom and help them with a writing assignment whether it's a seemingly boring essay or memoirs or poems, they open up and share parts of who they are and then they are able to write anything they want. People need encouragement and someone to be able to ask questions to and give ideas. What we do is simple, but it's hard. We creatively engage with the community to provide free writing tutoring to schools and at our centers. I've seen young people turn into writers after working with us on a project. I've seen them cry because they are so proud of themselves. That alone is worth $8.26, please donate today or fill out a volunteer application if you live in one of the chapter cities. And please spread the word!

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