Sunday, September 5

the succulent garden

Clippings from the succulent collection that's probably older than I am. Our terrariums didn't turn out so well because the heat got to them. So we went big and organized the side of the house where all the potted succulents lived. It was the most satisfying gardening project I've tackled yet. Maybe they are just plants, but each of those pots and plants have a history and I bet some of them even came over from Huntington Park when we moved here. Last night at dinner we talked about the ways in which family memories live on, and I think this project was a big way to keep these plants and lifetimes of memories alive.


Whimsy Being said...

Pretty succulents! Now I'm thinking of the succulent pots that line one of the walls outside my grandma's place and you're so right, these have been there forever, have cobb webbs and cracking plastic pots-must have so much history in them.

mari said...

Yes, and you get to still talk to your grandma about it, I bet she has a story for each of them! It was a lot of work, Jorge had to help us move the pots, but it was worth it. I hope one day you can visit Downey and see it!