Tuesday, September 7

home away from home

I dreaded the trip back to San Francisco. Though it got me through the move, through the summer, to know that I was going to see everyone again soon, my anxiety increased during the days before the trip. There was a looming and very real "what if I go back and have feelings of regret?" I wondered if I would feel wrong about the move, have mixed feelings of where home really is, and many other unnecessary and dumb things. But exactly the opposite happened and I made a decision. I felt in love with my life and my friends and the opportunities I've been blessed with. It was strange to be startled by such a strong sense of hope. The City, like nowhere else, is perfect, it's ideal, but it's just not home. But I have the best friends there and old places that I can always visit, even friends of friends offer their house for us to stay at when we visit. We have a home away from home and I am perfectly content to spend my time and money on visiting through the year. I don't need to travel the world, just to and from the cliffs where my heart has been planted.


Sandy said...

That's the good thing about a city. It's there, but you can leave it when you want. You always have a place to crash with friends, and you get to know it through going often. But then you have your own city, one that feels more at home, to go back to.

Jen said...

Look at these picture... Gorgeous!!

Happy Weekend Dear! xo