Sunday, December 12

Part of being back at home is enjoying more time with my parents, and learning to see them as real people that have had to make so many decisions in their lives to get us to where we are now. They made a family, they made me. It's all kind of strange to stop being selfish and see them as people, not these humans that serve to be everything that we need in life.
Leaving as a teenager, and coming back as an adult also means not always butting heads with them, instead, doing really nice things like enjoying a glass of wine together. This night was the epitome of family love time in Ojai at this cozy, cute pizza place called Papa Lennon's.

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Whimsy Being said...

You and your mom look beautiful!

PS Count me in for holiday reunion! I think ilissa got back like yesterday or the day before, so we can start planning yay :)