Sunday, December 12

speeding up to slow down

Winter squash soup on Thanksgiving.

Wow, things got busy so fast. I take on too many things at once, feel so stressed out, and then wonder why I'm always tired and don't have time to truly rest. I was moving at that pace for the last four years, which built up into painful and scary things for my mind&body. Now I have a better support system to remind me to take a break, there's no pressure besides the kind I put on myself. I'm understanding the things that really do make me happy like weekend mornings with coffee and my journal, jogs in the early morning, getting to bed early with a good book, cooking dinner and sitting around the table with everyone. Especially during the holiday season, it's easy to do everything besides what I want to do for myself, so this Sunday is dedicated to catching up and slowing down. It's about learning how to fill my time, not just filling it for the sake of it.

Some of this includes:
Making a soup with red lentils, my favorite legume of all.
Deciding what healthy dip to make for book club with these Sunset recipes

Researching climbing plants for the patio on Potted's blog
Tending to my new precious blue glow agave from The California Cactus Center

My most used and beloved cookbook, Veganomicon, is still in storage, so I find myself Googling recipes from it all the time. Even though I've made chikpea cutlets, lemony roasted potatoes and other favs dozens of times, I'm a recipe kind of girl. I've been craving the red lentil cauliflower curry and when I looked it up,one of the results was this very very strange website with my Flickr photo on it. So confused.

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heavy puff said...

yummyy! i'm gonna try and make this for bookclub:
cross your fingers!