Tuesday, April 19

We're all ordinary people

It’s important to remember, when we’re all looking at one another in this blog world, and seeing pictures of one another in pretty clothes, and discussing things in poetic or non-poetic ways, that we’re all people; we’re all ordinary people who are afraid and lonely and yearn for love.
-Meggy Wang, Fashion For Writers

When I used to type away my life during college on Livejournal, it was so personal because that thing was on lockdown and I knew exactly who could read and who couldn't, it was safe. Now moving from not needing that and what this new form of blogging is shaping up to be, I found myself really holding back. When I jumped back into the online presence world I found Meggy again and was drawn into her honesty and no fluff about it attitude. She writes about her mental illness, her body image, her writing, her life, and her fashion too. And it was right at the time when I was dealing with my own anxiety and learning about it. She was one of my recovery tools. And that's when I knew I had to be honest and real with more people in my life, and in this online world. We can only learn from each other. And if all I'm seeing is girls posed with outfits who put way too much time and money into, then it's just a big fat waste of time. I want real things, I want to relate.

Which brings me to a question I've been meaning to ask. I read and read blogs all the time without commenting, so I get it, but I do have an interest to know who is out there reading this? Please drop a line.


Gabrielle said...

Hey Marisa! I subscribe to your blog with my Reader, so I do read pretty much all of your posts. I like your blog a lot and it has a very distinct style.


Whimsy Being said...

i'm a reader :) love your words and pictures and how each post tells a story.

J.P. said...

I'm reading! I don't know how I found yr page but I've been reading for a while. I read Meggy's page too, and have for years, back on Livejournal for ten years now. Maybe I read yr Livejournal as well? I'm not sure. I hardly write anywhere anymore :(

mari said...

Gabby and Dyan- glad I get to share this part of me with you. Gabby now you need to get one!

J.P.- Thanks for saying hi. Isn't it a weird but amazing thing to follow someone's life through LJ and now through blogs? Well if you do start to write, send me the link!