Saturday, April 16


Morning moods are hard to handle. Thursday morning I felt so good, it was during my jog listening to Estelle, wondering where was this kind of music when I needed it years and years ago last time my heart was broken? And then I think I actually smiled and started to run faster because I haven't had to deal with any boy bullshit since then. I wasn't rushing to get ready in the morning, I wasn't completely exhausted, I even made my green monster and we were out the door early. And then Friday my allergies were crazy, I was so tired, and major grumps, and it hasn't left me since.

So I came here to force myself to see the good things about right now:

Went on a jog even though it was already 80 degrees and pushed myself at the end to run around the park one more lap than usual
Had breakfast with Jorge on the patio
Talked to my dad about taxes, it's all done
Calmed down Gravy who has had restless cat syndrome all week, he's laying next to me right now sleeping, big big deal around these parts
Read more chapters in Writing Down the Bones and wrote a couple of pages ( new weekend practice)
Sitting in bed with the window open, fan going listening to Little Dragon feels perfect
Have a beach date with Luisa later in the afternoon
My dad hugged me this week and said he's glad I live here
The back patio is almost all clean, Craiglisters are coming to pick up the last of the big furniture that didn't sell and that The Salvation Army didn't take.
My closet is completely organized, painted, and now we just have to hang my shoerack. Just this week I found a box of some frames that my nana had up somewhere, I think at the Live Oak house, and I'm planning on hanging those in the closet above my dresser.
Bought a West Elm duvet this week-on sale ( been on the hunt for some time now)
Ready to make avocado, garbanzo, peashoot salad

I saw a kid on a bike ride with her grandma this morning. I thought about how when you're little you don't plan. I'm sure she got up that morning, had an impulse to ride her bike, put on her Justin Beiber shirt and went for it. I'm always planning my next project, my next trip, my next weekend meal, my next room redecoration purchase, everything. And then in the back of my head I'm wishing to just be in the backyard on a blanket reading or writing, riding my bike wearing a big floppy hat and cute shoes. So I want to do a little more of that now that the big clean out and redesign projects are out of the way. Maybe this is all Mercury in retrograde, or me just be being cray cray.

Relajate mija.

walk up to holly park with sushi, empanadas and potato salad in picnic sack. Thank you 331 Cortland for a beautiful picnic lunch.

for the tomatillo "chicken" soup


Memories of letting it all go.

3 comments: said...

Maybe you could add that when you write on your blog it makes faraway people smile?

Silvia said...

Maybe an unplanned trip to SP is in your future? :]

mari said...

Jenna, that was so sweet. Same here, so get to writing!
: )

Silvs, that is in my future, now I just need to start planning... haha.