Sunday, April 10


I wish I could spy on us when we were little. Look at the way Mona gazed into my little baby eyes! That poncho, exploring in the backyard. When I look at these pictures I understand how all these moments that my mom and dad created for us put curiosity and love into us.




I just told my mom last night, "What If I had kids and they were bratty and started smoking and didn't love me." She just said, " Yea, you're right, don't have kids." Thanks for indulging me mother.

She has stopped asking when I'm getting married and if I'm going to have kids. But only because she must know that those things are becoming more of a question than a strict no way. It happened when I was reading The Invisible Mountain this summer- generations of women in one family and all the teachings and habits that get passed down. How could I not keep this strong woman thing going? This kid could choose her last name and speak Spanish first.

And now I'm reading pregnant lady blogs, what! Why? Well, aside from the fact that I don't think making babies is inherent in my being a woman and something I should do, I also don't think I could deal with the physicalness of it. So I read their blogs to see just how bad it really is. I found out, it's bad. Or it could be really bad. Being sick and uncomfortable and in pain for 9 months? Oh, the therapy one would need.

At the yard sale last weekend Mona saved a Winnie The Pooh wall decor set, must have been from the 70s, for her baby. "Do you think my baby will like this?" This is a joke we have. And in this joke, I don't have the imaginary baby, she does. With the garage full of stuff we still have after the month of cleaning and the yard sale, and the dumpster, and the Salvation Army pick up, our babies will have a lifetime worth of furniture and toys. They'll be born into good things, just look at those happy babies.


thequirkykitchen said...

Awwww.....I just came across your blog. You write so well. The "conversation" you had with your mum made me laugh as my mum would say the same kinda thing! I love your header btw :-)

mari said...

Thank you, thank you! Moms are funny, aren't they? I'll have to visit your page often, full of great ideas and inspiration.

Whimsy Being said...

these pictures are precious. baby you is absolutely adorable and your grandparents look sooo cool.

mari said...

Aw, thanks Dyan. Baby me is pretty damn cute, right? haha.