Sunday, May 22

Virgos gone wild pt. 2

We left the men at home and we adventured, hard. Luisa showed me beach cities I'd never been to before and we spent a lot of time in the grass overlooking the ocean talking for hours. It's this kind of drawn out day with a girlfriend that brings me back to life sometimes.

To see some really amazing photos the day, check out Luisa's film shots, the craziness of the sun is really captured here.


Whimsy Being said...

i love these pictures, marisa! i can really feel that beach, sun, grass magic.

i read your last post on "letting go". i know what you mean. those nostalgic, comparing life here and life there days are really hard.

Silvia said...

Hey, did you finally come to SP and not call me??

Natalie of Fashion Intel said...

Virgo Alert! You probably figured out by my Ojai birthday post I'm a virgo as well. w00t!

Lovely photos.

P.S. I know I'm blowing up your blog with comments right now, but I'm digging everything.

mari said...

Virgos in the house! Wild children with neurotic tendencies, haha.

I loved all your comments, definitely brought some smiles to my day.