Wednesday, June 22

patio progress

Gravy approves of his new cat bed. I called it, he picked Baby's bed to lay in when we set up the new cat area, just like that little sneaky guy. I'm so glad they don't sleep on a plastic fold out table anymore. We inherited these white iron lounge lawn chairs when we moved here twenty years ago, and they've just been sitting under the trees getting nasty, now they have a purpose.

This is where we used to put our outside chanclas and piles of recycled cans. What was once the biggest eyesore is now a nice little corner of smaller pots and rocks from family trips.

Mona has been waiting to plant supervivum in a strawberry pot and with what was left we filled in some holes around the plumeria pots. It's the perfect plant for that kind of thing.

Our newest agave, Mamacita, has found a home in a very old pot that was empty and in the corner against a wall in the front yard. My nana had so many nice pots that made it in the move here, and it's been one of my garden goals to use all of them.

For Father's Day we set up dinner on the patio.

I made salsa with onions from Jorge's garden that have been curing in the garage.

I should have known that my patio project would be similar to how I feel about designing rooms in houses. I rearrange, move, obsess over placement and color until it feels just right. We planted, moved, cleaned, and made plans this weekend, and it's feeling more and more cozy.


Whimsy Being said...

i love following along and reading on how the patio is coming together! it looks so beautiful, marisa. if you're using the same methods as you did in your sf apt, then i know the patio will have maximum coziness.

Natalie of Fashion Intel said...

What vibrant plants!