Wednesday, August 24

ode to mornings

I'm hosting a week long high school spoken word camp and the guest teacher had the students write odes. We discussed how writing someone an ode poem can be a great gift, or even a way to honor your feelings about something or someone. While looking through my recent photos from my San Francisco trip I saw this one and felt pretty damn good about all the many quiet mornings I have. This one in particular is in Emilie's apartment. We got up early on a Saturday to get ready for an adventure across the bridge and Em apologized for not having more in her fridge to make us breakfast. But that's never true, she whipped us up breakfast burritos with egg, parmesan, and strips of basil. The thing tasted like vacation: fresh, simple. She made coffee and I picked my favorite mug. I sat in the window and looked out to the view I saw everyday for three years, the peak of a church on Market St., Mission High School's dome, the fog rolling over Castro, the dips and dots of apartments. It was a comforting morning, a way to ease back in to the city. Some mornings are more special than others and although I don't get the chance to sit with the kids and write I should put myself to the challenge this week of writing an ode to mornings. What would you write an ode to? Or have you written one you can share?


Whimsy Being said...

i love your ode! if i were to write an ode right now, i think it would be on nighttime reading. not just anytime bedtime, nighttime reading though. the kind where you feel that you are the only person awake in the world and totally IN the book. that happened to me recently and that doesnt happen all the time for me. often when i read, im still thinking about real life things.

rebecca said...

i'd write an ode to my dog. creative, i know.

mari said...

Dyan, I love that moment, and it's rare, must have been a really good book-what were you reading?

Rebecca, no no that's the beauty of an ode, even if you write it to inanimate things or things that can't talk, you can still say so much! I want to read your dog ode!