Thursday, August 25

out the window

You know I don't drive. I tried to and my permit is expiring in September. Well, I gave it a shot and I'll just keep trying. But until then and probably even when I get there, it is one of my absolute pleasures to stick my hands and whatever else fits, outside the window, while weaving on small roads past orange groves, vineyards, marshes, fields of cows, blank camel hills. This was on the way to Tomales Bay from Point Reyes Station to the oyster farm. Em and I could have been anywhere, we were deep in conversation and every other second pointing out everything we saw, backseat girl talk. I could take whole vacations of just driving in idyllic scenery, a reminder that sometimes the best part is getting there, not being there.


Natalie of Fashion Intel said...

I too could just drive and drive, talking and staring out the window. Lovely ring.

mari said...

A thing like driving that in LA feels like hell becomes such a pleasure in the right setting. My ring was once my nana's and then was my mom's. About 98% of my jewelry was my nana's and that's why it's all so special to me. She knew her rocks and gems well.