Monday, September 5

around the old hood

Because I worked on Valencia, I rarely hung out there on the weekends, so it was nice to be out on a Sunday and see everything new and old.

Going in and out of work was fun with this sign, always watching other people taking photos whispering about the place they were about to walk into, it was my turn.

This was my favorite class to teach, this summer's poster came out beautifully.

This is where I learned to be a boss lady and came to understand the place of educational non-profits in the community, and how to throw a good event, how to publish several books of student work, and so much more.

The window display shows off this year's scholarship winners, and I was extra proud because I had the chance to work with several of the students who won.

Nooworks is new, on the little strip near Four Barrel, locally designed and made in Oakland, the lady who runs the store is super nice and has a cute shop dog.

The most pleasant train ride, the J from 24th St to Church and Duboce.


Natalie of Fashion Intel said...

All of this is so cozy and lovely. I really love your colorful top!

mari said...

thanks! This is my favorite t-shirt, something I found when I was probably 18 at a thrift store in Whittier. It has holes, worn armpits, stains, but the embroidery is gorgeous and I thought I had lost it until I cleaned out stuff in my parent's garage last year. It's back!

Whimsy Being said...

yay valencia! i walked past your old work this weekend and naturally thought of you! i love your city day pictures!