Wednesday, September 7

the road to Point Reyes

One more northern California post. Bear with me, it's a chance for me to continue to relive this magical weekend and tell more stories.

With all the stress and anxiety that comes from my job, my crazymonkeymind, etc I told myself that with this trip I would not plan. The only thing on my to-do list was to relax and hang out. And so the guy who usually has this whatever happens is fine attitude, is the one who ended up making lots of plans. And I wanted in on the planned Saturday trip to Tomales Bay. Because of a previous fear of windy roads and known bay area horror stories of driving on the 1, I stayed clear of trips in that direction. But I wanted to be open because I knew it was time to explore.

If you take the freeway and Sir Francis Drake into Point Reyes, it's nothing but little town after little town, one of the best stretches of highways I've ever been on. It leads through Samuel P. Taylor State Park and into a place out of a picture book. Point Reyes is a small little one strip town, I was in love with all of it.

Tomales Bay Oyster Co was crowded, but it was sunny, hot, and we were near the water, this is a fantasy day for anyone who lives in the city.

While oysters were bought, opened, and eaten by the bagful, we walked around the small marshes.

And then we drove to the other side of the bay, searched for a while, but eventually found the trail head to Heart's Desire Beach. This place is heaven. It's small, the water was warm, parts of the water were crystal green blue.

A new fantasy is to spend a week holed up in a cabin in Point Reyes and spend all my time on a bike, in running shoes, on a couch, and with my notebook.


Natalie of Fashion Intel said...

FYI, your blog is my new favorite thing to read. A cabin in Point Reyes sounds like a dream right now. I love reading about your adventures and look forward to swapping stories with you.

Can you send me your email address? I want to ask you something.

mari said...

Aw, you're sweet- I'm really glad you enjoy reading though : )

I'll message you with my email!

Rachel said...

That looks so, so so good - yummy!