Friday, September 9

Taco María

You need to visit this truck. Drive to somewhere in Orange County, order a burrito or taco and then indulge in arroz con leche with berries, sip a melon and lemongrass agua fresca, and you will be in heaven.

Taco Maria
Taco María is a beauty, the truck has vintage touches, and inspired by the open kitchen Carlos cooked in before, the truck opens to an expansive glass window giving you a look into everything happening inside. It feels fancy, and with Carlos and his dad inside prepping and cooking, it feels authentic: this isn't just another food truck.

jardineros: taco and burrito
During the friends and family opening, my mom and dad, Jorge and I took a trip out to Orange to see the unveiling. We ordered the tacos jardineros, roasted squash and mushrooms, grilled lime juice AND crispy garlic. So fresh and delicious, the best vegetarian taco I've had. My mom and dad enjoyed the meaty options and of course we ordered beans&rice, chips&salsa and guacamole too. We had to have more and drove out again on Saturday to find the truck and tried elote con hoja quemada-have you ever had burnt corn husk butter?? It's a taste you didn't know was so good.

father, son
Carlos is a generous friend and an extremely talented chef. I've been lucky enough to have his meals at dinner parties that last through the wee hours, campfire meals of beans, packs of cherries and mushrooms and more in Yosemite, and now to order from his truck, an endeavor that comes from family roots, inspiration to bring his talent to his home and share his business with his family, is truly a pleasure.

Read this beautiful description and story of the truck and check out the sample menu.

I fell in love with Old Town Orange during my recent visits, so if you go please let me hop in the car and we can walk around the little town that feels like Berkeley in the middle of Orange County.


heavy puff said...

i am painfully hungry now!!! wowowow

Natalie of Fashion Intel said...

You had me at "melon and lemongrass agua fresca" -- will definitely check this out. I had no idea about Orange!

mari said...

Lulu- you will be delightfully full once we eat there!

Natalie- I had NO idea either- when I was there I looked up tuition at chapman and already had fantasies about moving there. The houses are so old and cute and charming. Tons of restaurants and a nice craft beer place. Who knew!