Monday, September 12

a tribute

A Hollywood Bowl concert in the summer means a lot to me. When I lived away, I would try to get in one a summer with Mona, and now we invite our mama too. This year we went to the Serge Gainsbourg tribute. When I first told my mom about going she said, who's that? I said, with playful brattiness, where were you in the 60's? She said, I was in East LA! Snap, mamacita. It's true, she was busy being an EastLos hippy, hair down to her butt, driving around in a yellow Volkswagen bus. I lured her into going with Victoria from Beach House and Edward from Grizzly Bear, two of her favs.

I packed us a picnic and off we went.

The sun on the bus ride from the LA Zoo is always the same. I have pictures of this exact moment from every year we go, and it always looks this magical.

I love this ring, the cut, the elegance. My mom lets me borrow quite a bit of her jewelry (see turquoise earrings above), but you haven't seen the really good stuff until you look at her hands.

Spotlight on Mona. She made this all happen, and she brought her vintage binoculars so our eyes could get up close and personal with all the sexiness on stage that night. The crowd went wild for Joseph Gordon Levitt, and for good reason- he looked sharp and read all the lyrics with a deep, serious french accent, read from a tiny black journal, the other hand in his pocket.

I'm hesitant to post photos of my face, let alone outfits on my blog. It seems so normal now with all the fashion blogs out there, but I think it takes a certain kind of guts to do that, but here's me giving it a try because I love this dress SO much. It's a light shade of faded coral with stitched flowers, I picked it up a few weekends ago in an antique store off 4th St. in Long Beach.

And I think this means summer is over. Goodbye, sun.


Whimsy Being said...

this all looks magical! love your whole outfit! i'm glad you posted this even though it takes guts to put real face and real clothes on blog.

Heather Taylor said...

I was there too! such a special evening. and you look gorgeous

Natalie of Fashion Intel said...

I love that dress you are wearing and I'd love to see more photos of your jewelry and wares here on the blog, but only if you want to. :) My boyfriend and I wanted to go to that show soooooooooo much but he had to work which was a major bummer.

Love your adventures as always.

mari said...

Thanks Dyan and Natalie!

Heather- I have a confession. I saw you that night! But I get major in-person blogger jitters because I think I couldn't get beyond " I really like your blog" hah!