Monday, November 14

This is easy

The General Store, just a pleasant train ride to the Outer Sunset in San Francisco, is dreamworthy for all it's very cool books, blankets, vintage pieces, and more, but even if you took out everything they have for sale and just left the architecture of the space, the terrariums in the window, and now their newly beautified backyard, it's still a thing to make you drop your jaw and just keep repeating how beautiful everything is, seems and feels. I love finding a space that makes you feel just right, not about being there, but about knowing this kind of peace and beauty is available and can be created, whether that's nestled in the fog near the ocean, or anywhere you want.

This is it.

The General Store

The General Store

The General Store

It's like it's telling you, "Build a box and plant some cactus, bring your friends to a table made from burro legs, and bring in the colors of the sunset. This is easy, and so are you." Doesn't it make relaxing in your own made nature seem so simple? That's what I'm looking for.


Natalie (Fashion Intel) said...

Was at General Store today and really loved it. Had a great conversation with the owner and played with the dog. Such a lovely time with rad people. Look out for my blog post tomorrow ... all about this shop.

So, when do you wanna grab a coffee?

Whimsy Being said...

now THIS is a salvaged wood table. what a dream space!!